Thursday, May 31, 2012

The True Target for REFORM

This ingrained alienisation -- borne of divergent social, educational and linguistic paradigms -- is the true target for reform, not the incoherent demands by Bersih.
take your time and read yet another brilliant piece by KijangMas of DEMI NEGARA
Robin Again ... BERSIH Filth, Demagogues and Such

Only in Najib's 1Malaysia
 Where else could a menoupausal meenachi from a tiny 7% minority cripple the capital of a World Top-20 trading nation with a demonstration over NOTHING spiced with riots and mayhem perpetrated by tens of thousands of clueless PAS and PKR Melayus -- the Malai Lembus -- whose very actions will only hasten the political erosion of their race in their own homeland.
The Lingering Curse on Malaysia  
As long as this raving megalomaniac remain in the political scene, 
Malaysia's social and political climate will continue to be
precariously volatile and combustible.

... and, as expected, the Botak turns up! 
 Haiyaaa .... so typical of these DAP Agent Provocateurs.
First they provoke the Malays, they cause trouble ....  
then when the Melayus react, they will cry racism in a
slick press conference ching chong, ching chong, ching chong-ing away in Communist China's national language geared for the subversive gallery and rollout the whole  
We-Are-The-Innocent-Defenseless-Victims charade for global consumption.

The reigning poster boy of the crybaby species minted
by the SJKC alien-producing factory.
Note the resemblance to the KFC crybaby. The Dong Zong Donkey Kong weirdos have been very effective in forging these lost alien look-alikes in our midst. Seriously people, are these lost souls our future Anak Bangsa Malaysia who will fight for our Tanah Tumpah Darah alongside the Melayus and other Bumiputras? Heck, can these self-alienising beings even communicate meaningfully with the majority in a common language?
So people, this is the gritty outcome of PM Najib's 1Malaysia appeasement policy where racial, cultural and linguistic distinctions among our citizens are inexplicably unearthed, revived, propagated and embellished. 

Sadly to say, more racist-tinged fracas will appear online as the Malaysian nation morphed from a relatively stable land based on a strong Malay historical, socio-cultural and linguistic essence into a sad, incoherent jumbled collection of angry kaums, bangsas and tribes bent on projecting exaggerated renditions of their ethno-cultural and linguistic specificities.
Robin Again ... BERSIH Filth, Demagogues and Such
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