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Betrayals To The Nation

Takziah buat Keluarga Yang Gambi

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Once there was a man doing business in USA inquired a trading business friend of mine about a supply of a product in large quantities. He transmitted the specifications of the product and requested a quote from my friend. Two sources of the product were found. One from Japan and the other was from China.

The one from Japan meet the specifications on the dot while the one from China, it was quite ambiguous and did not meet the crucial part of the specifications. But it was much cheaper compared to the one from Japan. My friend knew that this product from China will not be able to enter the American shore. I think it must be on quality assurance/standards issue.

What my friend said was, import this product from China. Receive it at Port Klang, repackaged it, and reshipped it to USA. That will circumnavigate the "China" issue as the packaging will bear "Malaysia" as the country of origin. This is the way they do it, said my friend. More profits can be realized compared to sourcing it from Japan and ship it direct from there to USA.

When I was in UK last time, I was told quite the similar thing. Some products coming in from Malaysia were actually products from China which were re-packaged in Malaysia.

So far, I don't think that products from Malaysia receive very stringent import procedures at UK or USA shores compared to the products from China. Those that get through are of the highest quality, passing the stringent checks. Do you think you get the same quality China products here?

What if one day, the USA and UK start to notice product failures from this "repackaging and reshipping" business? Maybe they start to be wary about Malaysian products? Maybe one day they will treat our products the same like they treat China product? Look what happen to UK Visa now. Do Malaysians need to apply Visa to enter UK after this?

Well, which one is cheaper. A product which you have to buy several times to last a month or a product which you have only to buy once to last for a year? Say for a example a toy from China costing RM10 or the same original toy from USA costing RM50? If you are lucky, the fake toy from China will fail after a month (if not days after you bought it) while the toy from USA still last even after a year.

Discover it yourself. Try that very cheap products from China and see. It is quite mind-boggling that products which don't meet the standards are making their way quite freely into this country. What more when the products flout safety standards.

Well enough of that. Let's play a game. "All study no play, makes Jack a dull boy". Education Ministry should look at our education system nowadays where pupils are driven to the wall to score "As". It seems nothing else matter, but scoring As.

My time, a marking of 49 and below was already an "F" - Fail. An "A" is 90 points and above. Also in my time, the slowest pupil would have to attend tuition/extra classes when major exams were nearing. The okay ones would enjoy playing soccer after school time. Look what happen now. Tunggang terbalik bukan, when the brightest goes to tuition after tuition and hardly seen mixing in the playing grounds.

Jom! Jom! Let's play a mind game.
Suppose you have an access to a very very very highly classified materials (Be wary of the maid you hire). The information therein is very useful if anyone outside the country who, is interested to take hold and rule the country, even by putting a stupid proxy as the leader of the country.

Someone secretly approaches you and make an offer. "Give us the materials and in return, you and your family get to live in a certain country, with new identity and citizenship. Everything will be provided for. House, schools for your children, a handsomely paid job etc PLUS some money. Don't worry! Everything will be arranged for and no one will be noticing you and family disappearing from your country. Our diplomatic private jet will fly you out when the time comes."

Okay. Let's make it short without much plots. The offer is good. You won't be played out in the process. They are very very very interested in the materials you have the access to.  Just get it to them in return for all those. The question is, how much would you settle for it on top of all those new identity, new country etc etc. How much, in the Swiss account?
  • RM100,000? No?
  • Half a million? No?
  • he..he..he.. okay.. how much can you stack a-hundred ringgit notes in 48 petibesi?
  • How about RM10 million?
  • What do you say to RM100 million?
Deals done!
You and family now off to a country, accompanied by diplomats in a private jet. You make a stopover in Switzerland to sign some papers confirming your RM100 million in the account. Finally you reach your new country, having new identity and citizenship
Next day you heard the news that your ex-country political system collapse and the country is being taking over by some politicians forming new government.
But not long after you settle down at your new place, something happens. Happens even before you could draw a single dollar from your Swiss account.

You and your whole family are dead. Murdered!!
Rumours are saying that a bunch of your ex-country men somehow managed to find your where-about. Rumours are saying that the men were the patriotic sons of your ex-nation. Of course, you are no longer breathing to hear the rumours.

So how much is your RM100 million worth now (to you  6ft under) ?

So how much profits again you make in your business of  "importing-repackaging-reshipping" inferior, or even fake product? Worth it?

Traitors betray the Nation in many ways - CONsultan.
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