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Sharing - “#1 dog killing village”

A request by a friend to post this article up for sharing. So.. here it is... 'copy and paste in full'. Follow the source (by clicking the topic below) if you wish to read more...


“Dog Meat Festival” Cancelled After Popular Public Opposition

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The following call to action was reposted over a 100 thousand times on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo (similar to Twitter), placing it amongst the most forwarded posts for several days this past week, and accumulating over 20 thousand comments by Weibo Users…

[10.18 Bloody Massacre] Oppose the “Zhejiang Jinhua Dog Meat Festival”. The “Save Zhejiang” society proposal/petition + Four point plan + Hotlines for the Asian media. (Doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or an ordinary common person, please forward this as each time is one more sliver of hope). This is not a festival, this is a massacre! Call on China to pass animal protection laws! Proposal address:
The link leads to a post on a Chinese movie blog that protests the city of Jinhua in Zhejiang province of China holding a “Dog Meat Festival” next month on October 18th, similar to the annual beer festival in Qingdao except involving dog meat and people who enjoy eating dog meat.
Due to popular opposition, the festival has already been cancelled and it appears that the campaign now is to ask the Jinhua local government what will happen to the dogs that were originally prepared for the festival.
The page also prominently features the following images (click to enlarge):

These images are old, and appeared as early as 2006 in a blog post that suggests the first photo is of a street scene during the Jinhua Dog Meat Festival. An internet post dated in 2007 includes these photos in a story about a village in Hebei province that kills 2000 dogs every day to be shipped elsewhere as dog meat, earning it the nickname of “#1 dog killing village”.

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