Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kiasu versus Auta

Indians are Indians

Once a chinaman, Lim Goon Eng, came to India as a tourist.

He appointed a guide for him. First the guide, Manaharam, took the chinaman to Taj Mahal to show him the beauty of the monument.
Lim Goon Eng asked "how many years did it take to build this one?".
Manaharam replied "it took about 20 full years "..............
"20 years!!" exclaimed Lim Goon Eng with haughty voice and further said  "our chinamen would have built in 10 years"......

The next day
Manaharam took Lim Goon Eng to the 'Hawa Mahal' in Rajasthan....
Lim Goon Eng asked "how many years did it take to built this one".....
Manaharam replied "almost 10 years".................. 
"10 years!!!, our chinamen would have built it in 5 years".................Lim Goon Eng again..

Manaharam thought that this particular china@#*&!*&)# man is trying to insult the wonders and that's where his Indian attitude plugs in............

The next day seeing the 'Qutub Minar', 
Lim Goon Eng asked the same question..........

With the astonishing look, Manaharam said:-

"Oh my God..... this tower looks great it wasn't there yesterday"


Lim & Mrs Lim Goon Eng Came To Malaya 

Lim Goon Eng and his wife, having taken all their past vacations either staying at home, or at friends' and relatives' homes in other cities decided now to stay in a top name luxury Hotel for an experience in a resort city and to cash an off-season discount coupon.

They came to the grandiose hotel, got their room keys and Bellman started escorting them.

A door opened, Husband and wife looked at each other with a big gasp.

Kiasu Lims always devised their games to get better and more return for their money. The outspoken wife with tacit consent from the husband started blasting at the Bellman.
"You know we are from Beijing. You can't fool us. You promise grand room, great view and this room does not even have a window, I don't see any bathroom. Do we have to toilet in the lobby? You think we don't know it. We have a distant cousin running a grocery store here in town, we will stay with them. I want to talk to your manager and we want our money back''
The bellman explained politely,
"Ma'am this is not your room. This is just our elevator to take you to your room."

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