Sunday, October 10, 2010

DS Najib starts to Listen?

I like to quote several paragraphs as published by Malaysian Insider, HERE. DS Najib's 48-minute speech at Annual MCA General Meeting, this morning, today 10/10/2010 - MCA! Be less communal (in another word, less racist !):-
Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak delivered a clear directive to MCA leaders today to stop being overly communal in their political struggles and to employ the spirit of “give and take” when making demands of the government.
They have to be loyal and committed, and if they are not, please leave the party; we do not need them around... make way for others who believe in our cause,” he said.
 Today, Najib, who is also Umno president, chastised parties that only knew how to make demands of the government without taking the “national perspective” or “national interest” into consideration.
 "The Chinese are holding back. Tell them, frankly, this is not just about the Chinese community, this is about this lovely country, about beautiful Malaysia,” he said.
We have to be realistic and we certainly should not be racist. We should embrace the need to work together, just like how our forefathers had shown us,” he said.
DS Najib sounds a bit different to me. Let us see whether 1-Malaysia is coming to senses. I sincerely hope so.

But I also read about WEE KA SIONG fellow in many blogs today. For now, Wee Ka Siong sounded like a communist (for the word "comrades" he used), racist (the why he is fighting for vernacular schools, chinese vernacular that is, being a Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran) and his loyalty toward this country is questionable when he appears to make false statements regarding the Constitution. READ IT here:-

Constitutional Protection for Chinese Schools? Wee Ka Siong which Planet are you from? (Pure Shiite)

As stated by DS Najib above, "be loyal and committed" to the country. Or else leave, Wee Ka Siong!

Thought this pic was taken during the PKFZ scandal and saw the then MCA's President ousted?


And about the issue of being labelled as "Pendatang", who would in the right frame of mind label anyone as "Pendatang"? When one behaves like a "Pendatang", is it not he himself who invites others to call him as "Pendatang"? As DS Najib said above, "this is not just about the Chinese community, this is about this lovely country, about beautiful Malaysia."

And as also rightly put by DinTurtle:-

Orang Cina Tidak Patut dipanggil sebagai Pendatang - Kecuali Mereka yang Sendiri mau Digelar Pendatang


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