Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"KaBel In My Mind"

Pertama kali saya terbaca perkataan "jholowed" ini adalah di SINI.

"Maybe some people Jholowed them to him"

Jadi saya rasa enuf lah evidence yang Dato Sak adalah pereka-cipta pertama perkataan ini.

Saya tak "gheti" sangat pasal bajet, tapi saya berminat pasal Bahasa.

Saya ingin cuba nak cari definisi perkataan yang direka-cipta oleh Dato Sak ini. Yang ini okay tak kalau nak bayangkan definisinya?:-

Ada buah di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
Ada bisnes hendak dikejar,
Cari kabel tolong "jholowed"kan.


KOW TIM !!!!
kow! kow! punya..!!

Nota kaki - Buku Kamus bukan doktor punya :-
  • Antibody - against everyone who is sane (Insane Opposition) 
  • Artery - The study of the paintings. (Rais Yatim
  • Bacteria - back door to a cafeteria. (Anwar is looking for karipap) 
  • Caesarean section - a district in Rome.(discovered by a Lost Pendatang, when looking for the meaning of jus soli
  • Cardiology - advance study of poker playing.(when Sport Betting fails)
  • Chronic - neck of a crow. (UMNO
  • Cortisone - area around local court.(Where namewee never comes around) 
  • Dislocation - in this place.(What and Where A Pendatang Never Get To Understand) 
  • Duodenum - couple in blue jeans.(Anwar and who??) 
  • Fake labour - pretending to work.(Gwo Burne & Lebai PAS
  • Genes - blue denim.(already "haram"ed by PAS but ignored by "erdogan" Jins - re: "couple in blue jeans" above)
  • Hernia - she is close by.(When Eli Wong joins forces with Teresa Kok, angin pasang, angin atau dia yang sudah naik) 
  • Impotent - distinguished / well known (Chua Soi Lek). 
  • Lactose - people without toes.(MCA under Soi Lek) 
  • Lymph - walk unsteadily.(Gerakan & Koh Tsu Koon  are having difficulty to move, susah nak berGerak kan?) 
  • Microbes - small dressing gown.(When DAP brewing it with MCA & Gerakan) 
  • Obesity - city of Obe. (Again.. by Another Lost Pendatang) 
  • Pacemaker - winner of Nobel peace prize.(Chin Peng depends on it to continue his citizenship's plea) 
  • Proteins - in favour of teens.(Not, repeat!, NOT Anwar) 
  • Pulse - grain.(ain't no more in Samy) 
  • Secretion - hiding anything.(Kapal Sinks in Court's Lewat Cases - "lewat" due to too many "kapal tunda") 
  • Tablet - small table.(BN's coalition) 
  • Ultrasound - radical noise.(Ultra Kiasu when making demands) 
  • Urine - opposite of you're out.(Najib's position) 
  • Varicose - very close.(PRU)

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