Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finally... There Is An Option To Choose ?

An interesting question by OUTSYED THE BOX:-
"what if many Malays join the BN directly without going through UMNO? Has anyone thought about that?"

What if many of the Malays and Bumiputera join PERKASA and PERKASA joins BN? What if  by shear memberships, PERKASA becomes a force to reckon with by UMNO in the BN coalition? What if they are joined with sane politicians who strive for the good governance of the Country and not for self-interests? Will UMNO respect that? Will UMNO step aside give way to new leader?

If that is so, then we may just have an option to choose from. There could be a new "kiblat", since UMNO does not wish to change, it seems.

Some of us maybe just dead tired by the present days UMNO.
Whatever it is, UMNO is no longer UMNO, that seems to be the general perceptions. Can UM(alays)NO nowadays be regarded solidly behind the struggles of the Malays and Bumiputeras when its President seems to be seen to wear Prime Minister's hat all the times and totally forgot that he has another to wear, the UMNO Malay & Bumiputera's hat? Not that it is all hellishly wrong but when he is seen to be more MCA or Gerakan or even DAP than UMNO himself, too many of a time seen too much in apologetic stance?! Even budak hingusan namewee goes scot free until today, but not Siti Inshah, Hamin, Nasir, Ahmad Ismail etc. And what about Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua versus Sekolah Haram? Where does he stand? Anyone wonder how PERKASA came into the picture in the first place?

And what about those certain characters remaining in UMNO still despite the many voices being aired? A leader of a wing, won the position by.......what???? Does anyone forget this? And UMNO does nothing? or condoning these kind of behaviour still? and con-sultan of this, con-sultan of that? Shall we talk more about these? So much time is wasted! And when the line-up in dire need of fresh breath, there will be no change? no reshuffle?

Let us not talk about this project or that project or ABC this or XYZ that in the face of the struggling Malays and Bumiputeras in their own land. Too much has been said. Too little went through the ears.
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